Our Spring Muse

When we met Kelsey we were so struck by her energy and warmth. Not only is she a total babe with great style, but also completely cool and down-to-earth. We were stoked when she agreed to shoot our Spring campaign with us. The day of the shoot we talked a lot about music, and she mentioned her love of jazz, and that she'd been listening to a lot of Stan Getz. This ended up providing the perfect soundtrack to our day, shooting in a historic light-filled space downtown. Here we get to know more about our Spring muse, Kelsey Vansickle. 



Being in the city, how do you stay connected with nature?

Living on the harborfront for a year I was able to stay particularly close to the water. So I was extremely fortunate enough to wake up to those views outside my 23rd floor window. And what an absolute pleasure that was to enjoy on a daily basis. But when it came to staying connected to nature, I would often ride my bike to High Park, or even to a secluded spot of my choice along the Lake. Any chance I would get, I'd take off on my next adventure to find the perfect place to relax, and stay connected. I'd usually bring a book with me and lose myself in the text. Sometimes, I'd even find myself sitting in the middle of Trinity Bellwoods, feeling more connected than ever. As nature to me is the one thing, one place I can go to feel most connected to myself, along with the world around me. Immersing myself in nature is a priority and something that I will forever incorporate into my life. 




How do you express yourself creatively?

I like to express myself creatively mainly through dance. Through movement. I grew up dancing in a studio and competing between the ages of seven and eight-teen. I've always been instinctively drawn to the arts. Painting, music, poetry, theater, dancing, all forms of have always spoken to me. But the one I get most fulfillment out of would be dancing. It's the one thing I can do that I don't ever have to think about. It's as if my mind and body go completely blank and I let the music control me. It's the easiest way for me to release any form of energy I am holding within. I also enjoy taking photographs, and sharing my point of view with an audience. 


Do you have a mantra?

Keep going, and keep growing. 


How does wearing jewelry make you feel?

Depending on the piece, jewelry can make me feel more than one way in particular. My go to, my crutch, are my rings. I wear about 8 or 9 on a regular basis. I always found rings to be the easiest to never lose, or never break. I am a wild woman, and at times found myself breaking every single necklace I owned. So I actually didn't wear much jewelry for awhile. That was until I got a bit older, and decided to start pairing jewelry with my outfits. I'd slick my hair back and pair that look with a pair of bad ass bold earrings. It was life altering. It made me feel empowered. I all the sudden realized how many ways I could rock a piece of jewelry and still feel like myself. 


What kind of woman do you admire?

I admire the kind of woman who knows the difference between what's right and wrong. One who stands up for what she believes in. One who isn't afraid of being herself, or afraid of who she may be 10 years from now. I admire women who are strong, who are passionate, and hard working. The kind of woman who sets a good example for those around her. One who rules her heart above her mind. One who isn't afraid to make a fool of herself, laugh at herself. I admire the kind of woman who is a good mother. My own mother.

A collaboration with Alexa Nikol Curran

We've been admiring the moody images on photographer Alexa Nikol Curran's instagram feed for a while now. When she recently contacted us about collaborating on a creative shoot, we knew it was the perfect match. Here are a few of our favourite photos from Curran's photo series featuring pieces she selected from our collection, and a quick Q&A with the talented photographer. 

Tessa May Corbet wearing the Majin choker

Tessa May Corbet wearing the Majin choker

Tessa May Corbett wearing the Lunar ring and Voyage cuff in opal 

Tessa May Corbett wearing the Lunar ring and Voyage cuff in opal 

I always try to create a narrative with my work - I definitely seek out subjects who are willing to be vulnerable.

The woman behind the lens


Emily Valentine: Your instagram bio says 'Los Angelas for now', where else have you lived, and where would you like to go?

Alexa Nikol Curran: 'Los Angeles for now' is very much me not wanting to put roots in the ground out here - but for the first time in my 3 years of living in hollywoodland I am finally starting to feel at home. That safety and security is such a welcomed and overdue feeling - if I run anywhere else it would be NYC.


EV: Your photos are so evocative, are you trying to convey a mood when you're shooting or does it happen naturally? 


ANC: I always try to create a narrative with my work - I definitely seek out subjects who are willing to be vulnerable. Certain images I will have in my head for months and months just waiting for the stars to align, others do happen organically.


EV: What's your favorite thing about being a photographer in LA? 


ANC: The community that I am beginning to build - it's part of what is making me feel at home.


EV: How do you decide who to collaborate with? What drew you to Emily Valentine? 


ANC: I think it is so important for female artists to support each other and I thought this was the perfect opportunity for a collaboration.


EV: What's you favorite Emily Valentine piece? 


ANC: Lunar ring! And Duo Circle studs.


Find more of Alexa's work at www.alexanikol.com, and on instagram @alexanikol